The door opened suddenly, drawing her attention sharply to him. He made the rest of the room seem as ordinary as the dirt on her boots. He was handsome in a way she had never seen before in the weary folk of her village or the arrogant nobles that lorded it over them. With piercing eyes and a tall, sleek frame, he looked like he stepped out of an earlier time, when men were one step removed from the gods themselves. And he carrier himself the same way, with an air that simply acknowledged the rest of the world as belonging to him with no need to prove it.

— Phamas Bertsev, Musings on Perfection

Vrylokas were originally human, though the blood bond ritual they made with the Red Witch transformed them into the living dead. Their eyes are tones of dark gray or blue that turn red when they are angered or excited, which is often because they are passionate creatures. Vrylokas are easily overcome by blissful love or seething rage just as easily. The grudges and affections of a vryloka can endure for centuries, sometimes passing from generation to generation. The intensity of the vrylokas’ passion often leads them toward feelings of ennui and unrest, and they spend their time searching for ways to entertain themselves. Some run to intellectual endeavors while others seek gratification in physical prowess. Most, however, turn their distaste for world-weariness against one another, engaging in elaborate power games in which the common races were treated as possessions and pawns.

For centuries, vrylokas had concealed their existence from the rest of Kavan, posing as Baronde aristocrats in the northern regions of the continent. They gained a reputation for being isolationists and most steered clear of their lands. Those who did venture too close often went missing, and rumors that the aristocrats were enslaving humans circulated. As a result, even more people avoided the vrylokas with the exception of unscrupulous traders who capitalized on the rumors by delivering captives to their doorsteps. The captives were not used as slaves, however, but as creatures for providing lifeblood. It was not until the resurgence of Vapar that the vryloka made themselves known and this all came to light. The initial outcry against them was eventually muffled when the vrylokas lent their power towards the war effort. While the other races of Kavan still look at them with distrust, the vrylokas are still respected for their talents.


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