Shield of Paburh

Shield of PaburhThe Shield of Paburh was an organization of warriors dedicated to the preservation of the environment of Kavan. They were headquartered at the very place of their founding, the Nordeheim Fortress in the Gahilden Woods, but they maintained a presence in most other regions as well. They were known for ignoring a recruit’s racial, social, and even criminal background if they deemed the person valuable in terms of character or ability. A strange artifact besieged the Shield in 154 CY and all but destroyed it. The handful that survived the withering of the woods continue to fight to restore the order.


“I guard the wooded ways.”


The Shield of Paburh’s guidelines can be summarized as follows:

▪ Protect the wild places of the world from destruction and overuse.
▪ Hunt aberrant monsters and other abominations of nature.
▪ Celebrate life, especially new life.


Balance. Protect the environment against the unnatural (such as abberations and undead) as well as preserving the balance of the four elements: air, earth, fire and water. Guard sacred sites and other regions of unspoiled nature from those that would harm them.


Typical quests include preventing destruction of a natural region, destroying a threat to the natural balance, or convincing a political or military leader of the value of maintaining the natural balance.

Renown Title Benefit
1 Sapling A carved wooden pendant of the Shield’s emblem.
3 Branchtender Mount: Brown Bear
10 Preserver
(5th level+)
Prestige Mount: Owlbear
Spell: Can perform Speak with Plants 1/day.
25 Keeper
(11th level+)
RIng: Ring of Regeneration.
Spell: Can perform Commune with Nature 1/day.
50 Forest Lord
(17th level+)
Legendary Item: Rod of Resurrection (cleric, druid, or paladin class required)

Known Members

▪ First Shield Nikolaren Furie (Deceased)
▪ Forest Lord El Eloron (Unknown)
Rician Catseye, Keeper of the Grove
▪ Preserver Fhaemita Catseye
▪ Sapling Elyad
▪ Sapling Kaila Catseye
▪ Sapling Reko Catseye
▪ Sapling Dak Tillaboth (Deceased)
▪ Sapling Ghenghaar (Deceased)
▪ Sapling Mialee (Deceased)
▪ Sapling Sheezy (Deceased)

Shield of Paburh

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