Gahilden Woods

Gahilden Woods
Gahilden woods
Terrain Forest
Location Loressea
Appearances Gemeth 10, 154

The Gahilden Woods is a low density forest in south-western Loressea.


According to Vorendor, a Celasaer storyteller, there have been many wars and battles in the Gahilden Woods, many of which were between the elves and drow. The existance of the elves in the forest goes far in time, even before the Age of Decay. The death of so many supposedly tore the Veil, which separates the Shadowfell and the real world. Its sinister air, and possessed flora, have led to many (and somewhat true) rumors and stories behind the ancient woods.

The Gahilden Woods incorporates the forest itself as well as the entrance to ancient ruins. There are also small camps here inhabited by the Blackleaf elves.


While investigating brigand attacks on farmsteads near the border of Loressea and Baronde, Shield of Paburh agents followed tracks leading back into the woodlands. To continue their investigation, they must get to the heart of the Gahilden Woods.


Gahilden Woods

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