Even the grandest of castles is basically just a large pile o’bricks stuck together.

Organizations are the forces behind every major event that happens in Kavan. Whether they are temples, guilds, orders, crime syndicates, or colleges, their influence stretches far and wide across the land. For an adventurer an organization can become a well-needed sponsor and ally. When adventurers join these organizations, they become part of something larger than themselves, and their goals shift to fall in line with the greater cause.

Joining an Organization

Every organization has its own special rules for membership. For example, some may require the applicant to be of a certain race while others may simple ask for a fee. Guild masters might even ask the applicant to perform a task for them as proof of their dedication. No matter what the criteria are, an adventurer is required to present themselves at the organization’s headquarters for consideration. In some cases, a guild branch will also suffice. Once there, the requirements for acceptance will be made clear to the adventurer.


An adventurer that serves their organization’s interests earns favor and reputation within the organization, otherwise known as renown. As the adventure gains renown, their rank within the organization rises, giving them access to resources they otherwise couldn’t have used. An act which advances the interests of an organization will increase one’s renown, and a mission specifically assigned by the organization may have a greater impact. An adventurer who acts in the interests of an organization they are not a part of may still gain renown, though only a fraction, as they’ve caught the eye of its leaders.

Faction Advancement

Rank Renown Other Requirements
1 0
2 3
3 10 5th level, 1 secret mission
4 25 11th level, 3 secret missions
5 50 17th level, 10 secret missions

Armies Guilds Religious
Golden Shield
Shield of Paburh
House Stefaniƫ
Mystic Lady
Ereglast Order
Crime Knightly Orders Drow Houses
Black Bow Bandits Holy Order Vandree
Moonlight Order Knights of the White Stallion
House Nebulak


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