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This codex is a collection of information about the world of Kavan, including stories of historians and scholars, about the mechanics of the world and certain creatures, people, and artifacts. Some entries will differ depending on the amount of information available. This means that codex entries will sometimes contradict with each other or with information given by different contributors.


The great machine is full of wheels and ropes, and yet it moves. Imagine how it would move if we untied it.

Races Cultures Organizations


A map is a nothing more than a drawing on a piece of parchment. Yet, at the same time, it is
the whole world in the palm of your hand.

Settlements Regions Planes

Things and Ideas

Even in the distant past, before the Gods had revealed their divine presence to us, we still felt an unidentifiable longing, a yearning for some greater purpose, and some guidelines for our existence. Even then, a part of us must have known.

Magitek Deities Creatures Timekeeping

Events and History

I am greater than any magician, my pen more powerful than any wand. For inside it lies the laughter of every child, the tears of every man, the hearts of every woman, and the hopes and fears of every being.

Age of Creation Age of Dragons Age of Magic Age of Decay Age of Rebirth

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