Ereglast Order

Ereglast OrderThe Ereglast Order is a monastic order that dates back to the early Age of Dragons. Originally formed by Araindrath Meskim, devout of Ioun, as a means of surviving the warring deities. With the signing of the Compact, the order was tasked with preserving the area as well as several other sacred sites. They were also entrusted with Ioun’s Scrolls of Prophecy, and devout their lives to their interpretation and safekeeping.


“The mysteries cannot protect themselves.”


The Ereglast Order’s guidelines can be summarized as follows:

▪ Seek excellence in both mind and body, for a great war against the dark is brewing.
▪ Respect and acquire knowledge, especially knowledge that was once lost. Knowledge is the most powerful force on Kavan.
▪ Value reason and sound thought over emotion and rash action.


Preservation. Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.

Ereglast Order

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