Virgol Firabi


Virgol Firabi was an agent of the Lumene, a Virtuous Paladin meant to defeat evil and spread the influence of Pelor through the realms. And one of the many who assert a direct influence in the benevolent God Pelor’s ranks, no matter how low. At least he would have loved to think.

Lumene is not as indivisible as those outside the realm would surmise. Kirarel, leader of Pelor’s agents, has a very clandestine view on what constitutes their deity’s principles and the method in spreading Pelor’s influence past their realm. The littlest incongruence is shunned and this includes the view, even experience, of outsiders.

Virgol, primarily because of memories from his past lives as a Deva, was quietly conflicted. Many of Kirarel’s teachings went against what he remembered when serving directly under Pelor in a previous existence. He was haunted by sins in these past lives, the nature of which he does not entirely remember.

Though spurred to action upon immediate threats, often Virgol served contemplative on how to better serve his God or what his next steps would be in uncovering his past. He appeared aloof and dense to some. Even oafish in his naivety to many social subtleties. He was however, earnest, amicable, selfless, and remarkably sharp in the proper frame of mind.

After returning to Lumene from another mission given to him by his brothers, he was informed of an attack on the Gahilden Woods of Loressea, in the realm of Kavan. He had pangs of nostalgia as he remembered making friends with the elves there ages ago. Given permission, he rushed to come aid them, only to find they had been laid to waste.

In an attempt to stop the evil spreading from the woods and bring justice to his fallen friends, he found new companions in agents from the Shield of Paburh. Always willing to foster compassion and kindness, to put down evil where he would roam, he gained their favor and joined them in their quests involving the spread of darkness and Nazzare Qullin. Even initiating a particularly special friendship with one Jalissa Sarris of Baronde.

Before he could report to Lumene, however, Virgol met with the first half of an untimely end protecting his newfound comrades from a tiefling assassin. One of them, the vryloka Elzeny Dantalion, brought him back as her fellow undead out of whimsy, using a powerful spell outside her capabilities of full control. Virgol was disgusted upon realization he had become her Thrall. The nature of vryloka were considered in opposition to a God of the Sun like Pelor.

Virgol was granted temporary reprieve but cut from his Pelorian-based powers and his memories of previous existences. He decided then that whether his existence be the last or just another in the long line of Deva lives, he would still use it to serve a God he knew was out there somewhere. To help whoever the call of those in need, still use it to atone for his sins. And if he may find a way to return as a Deva, so be it.

His resolve did not last long. On a journey to Tiressea, he was once again struck down, this time by a drow “welcoming committee”.

Currently, the state of his soul is unknown. His physical body has likely been taken by the underdark.

Virgol Firabi

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