Nazzare Qullin

"We are in contradiction... However, our feelings for the world are no different. How odd."


He is average height and well proportioned with copper skin and a weak chin. He has messy, straight, shoulder length blue grey hair and clouded bright blue eyes. He is clean shaven. but a large scar stretches from his right cheek to his left brow, leaving his left eye bloodshot. Nazzare is often seen wearing a Bezephian mask made from a combination of steel and gold. He prefers being armored at all times, wearing black plate or scale-mail with grey and red accents. He does not wear a helmet.


The Qullin clan of Norithon started many centuries ago (during what is now considered the Lost Ages) as a branch family of an otherwise pure bloodline. It is said that the first Qullin thought the bloodbond was insufficient and sought to increase his powers under the guidance of Vecna. For his perversions he was stripped of his birthright and cast to the bottom of the social ladder. Qullins have since made it tradition to volunteer for the military, as holding the lowly rank of Infantry affords more status than their other options.

Nazzare Qullin was born and raised in these garrisons. Both of his parents were enlisted and the military life swaddled him. He grew up training alongside seasoned soldiers, learning their weapon skills, tactics, and history. No one was surprised when he decided to enlist as he came of age, as battle was all he knew. In fact, his aptitude for combat allowed him to survive basic training without a single scratch. Nazzare took pride in his flawlessness and took to wearing face masks in lieu of helmets to preserve his pristine complexion.

Unlike his parents, Nazzare rose through the ranks of the Nori military with ease, often overcoming the gossip surrounding his clan with aptitude that could not be ignored. Eventually he was promoted to the rank of Reaver. Under a commanding officer, Nazzare’s duty was to patrol the dangerous woodlands of Norithon and thwart trespassers. (The majority of military operations in Norithon are devoted to this purpose and soldiers who are entrusted on these missions are respected.) As time passed Nazzare’s clout increased and he was made Captain of his own band of reavers. A Captain from such a low birth was simply unprecedented in Nori society and news of his promotion passed from ear to ear in short fashion.

Undeterred from doing what he does best, Nazzare accepted the assignment of defending the land’s holy sites. Just as the Ereglast took it upon themselves to preserve religious shrines wherever they found them, the Nori did the same for locations within their borders despite their growing agnosticism. A main source of contention were the Loresseans to the south who often organized raids on temples built in the names of evil deities. Nazzare predicted such an excursion and set an ambush, catching the raiding party off-guard. A human accompanying the elves bravely stood toe to toe with Nazzare and, using his spear, managed to dislodge his mask and leave a nasty gash in its place with a single slash. Although successful in their mission to prevent the desecration, Nazzare suffered a huge morale defeat from both allowing their escape and being wounded for the first time. (The fact that the cut was shallow and easily patched up was unimportant, as it left a mark on his face.)

Years later, Nazzare continues his work just the same, only with seething disdain for the human he met that day. In 154 CY, however, the Grimiore of Summoning, an ancient and powerful tome long kept safeguarded by the Nori, was pilfered. Nazzare Qullin, with many accomplishments to his name, was tasked with tracking down the tiefling thought responsible by any means necessary.

Nazzare Qullin

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