Katunix Dutus

"Whatever they brought, it won't be enough."


As a human male of average height, Katunix still manages to convey impressive strength wherever he goes. The fair-skinned warrior is known for keeping his youthful look into adulthood. His ash brown hair is kept short yet unkempt and his gray eyes are full of confidence. Katunix is rarely seen without his chain mail and two glaives, strapping one to his back as he wields the other. An insignia of his rank as guard captain is proudly pinned to his chest.


When he was just 8 years old, disaster struck the town he grew up in. The region was frequently raided by goblins and he found himself a victim of kidnapping. His eventual rescue was joyous but came with the news of his father’s death. The cleric who was kidnapped alongside him, Jalissa Sarris, took him in and raised him as her own. It was then that he changed his name to Katenix in honor of his father. Less than a year later she gave birth to Artemus, a living reminder of the heroes who rescued you.

Unlike Artemus, pure Baronde blood ran through Katunix’s veins, which meant he had to do your mandatory military service. Jalissa reluctantly let him go to follow in his father’s footsteps, eagerly studying tactics and martial arts daily until graduating from the academy and formally joining the Holy Order. There he met Darius, a rival that over the years became his closest of friends. Through him Katunix learned of the legendary Zhao Yun and his Ten Braves, hand-picked warriors who were known to single-handedly fend off a tiefling force towards the start of the war. The two of them swore to earn thier way into the Braves and focused their fervent training towards that end.

His hard work hadn’t gone unnoticed; Katunix climbed the chain of command to Guard Captain, the same rank his father held when he were a kid. While honored, both he and his commanding officer, Donnie, knew his abilities were wasted in a garrison, and as such he has begun to utilize Katunix in ways that put his talents to better use.

Katunix Dutus

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