Jalissa Sarris

"Power is nothing without skill."


Jalissa is tall and slender with fair skin and rounded features. She has wispy, straight, waist length platinum blond hair and smiling aquamarine eyes. She wears a fragment of a purple Ioun Stone on her forehead. She wears unadorned draping apparel in shades of white, deep green, peach, and yellow-green


If asked, Jalissa is likely to claim that she is a citizen of Baronde. This is not the case, as evidenced by her lack of basic military training. In truth, Jalissa hails from the Karnish town of Mene. Like her parents and their parents before them, she had no choice but to join the cult of Zehir. Jalissa was, by all accounts, a good child. She did as she was told: she cleaned the house, helped her mother cook, and most importantly, pursued the alchemical arts when she reached adolescence. Where her peers found fascination in the effects of the different poisons they could create, Jalissa was absorbed in the underlying mechanics of mixology. Her curiosity turned to obsession, and her obsession found no answers in the cult. A deeper understanding of the art was never offered by her instructors, and by the time she was a teenager Jalissa knew what she had to do.

After months of planning and saving every last copper she could, she purchased a new, professional Alchemist Case and reagents and waited for a Lakuvian ship to brave the swamp for supplies. In exchange for her services as an alchemist, the captain agreed to steal her away from Karningond, never to return. For the better half a year she stayed aboard, effectively becoming the ship’s physician and pharmacist until it finally made its way to Avalin, where she parted ways with the crew. The Eladrin did not welcome her, as she planned, and she was allowed to stay at the edge of town under the condition she stayed in good standing. And she did for nearly two years, biding her time until the White Spires made their brief appearance in the natural plane (once every 10 years). Jalissa, 15 now, was determined and prepared; she was more than ready to sneak her way through the school’s gates before it returned to Feywild. And she did.

The archmages didn’t take kindly to her intrusion but they were not about to kick a 15 year old girl – who was effectively an orphan – into the perils of the Feywild as they usually do. She was allowed to stay, but forbidden from studying under the instructors until she was able to demonstrate enough magical talent for proper admission. It took years of self-study before Jalissa was able to properly become a student and a few years beyond that to earn the personal attention of Mayaza, the authority on ritual magic and divination. When Callanar returned to the natural plane, Jalissa had learned many things. First and foremost, she was by all accounts a wizard and could fashion herself as such. Second, she had little interest in the results of her research, it was the pursuit of knowledge in itself that attracted her. Lastly, and most importantly, it was time she got back to human society and settled down.

As a young woman, academic pursuits alone did not satisfy her. Part of Jalissa pined for the life she had as a child: a home full of love where a warm stew could be found on the stove. She’d find no such home in Karningond; she had long since discarded her faith in the God of Poisons once getting out into the rest of Kavan. She chose Hybury for her home, the closest human town to where she was without the stigma of being in Norithon. There, she fashioned herself as an Acolyte of Ioun and joined the college there as an instructor, sharing the knowledge she learned under Mayaza.

Jalissa Sarris

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