Elzeny Dantalion

That shiny thing. It's mine.


Goal: Catch and train a pajari and be the best bird conservationist of all time! OF ALL TIME!

…okay being serious, Elzeny for a long time has been looking for the Pajari, a mythical bird. This frail girl prefers mid to long ranged attacks and loves nothing more than to bloody her enemies. A tad bit sadistic and sarcastic, she doesn’t seem to win people over often. She’s easy on the eyes though.

She likes mead more than she likes people but loves money more. As soon as a slight glint of gold reaches her eye, she has already thought of 50 different ways of how it get it out of your pouch.

Impulsive? Nah, she’s just an opportunistic go getter.

Elzeny Dantalion

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