"[I feel the wild in me.]"


Elyad is a tall male human recognizable for his numerous facial primal tattoos. His skin is tanned and marked with scars as well as more tattoos, especially around his clavicle and shoulders. His auburn hair falls in a series of medium-length rope-like strands, and he has studious hazel eyes. He wears leather armor crafted from the hides of forest creatures and an eagle skull necklace around his neck. Elyad carries a quarterstaff, but is often seen with various other adornments and weapons.


His earliest memories are of a beautiful woman standing over him in a forest, whispering the name, “Elyad.” For three years she repeated that name while speaking in both Common and the melodic tongue of the druids. After those wonderful days, the woman disappeared without a trace, leaving him to fend for himself.

It wasn’t long before he were adopted by a pack of wolves, encouraged by the alpha to accept him as one of them. The moons continued to pass and he grew up to be a proud wolfbrother. One day, on a hunt, he spotted some scratch marks on a tree. Moving closer to them, the meaning of the words echoed in his head. “Learn the ways of Nature, my dear son.” Confused and perhaps frightened, he ran off, hoping to find answers with the alpha wolf. Instead he found a humanoid with the alpha’s scent waiting at the mouth to the cave he called home. “It’s time, Elyad,” he said as he looked up at Luna in the night sky.

From that moment on, Elyad was taught the ways of the Old Faith, learning to draw power from nature itself. His master, the alpha named Rician, told him of the mission to rebuild the Shield of Paburh as a means to restore balance to Kavan. Soon after, Elyad experienced a nightmare where the forests burned with reckless abandon while demons slaughtered animals everywhere he turned. It was a plea from the spirits and the beautiful woman who walked among them:

He, too, must protect Kavan from those who threaten the balance of nature.


Under a Glass Moon Trucks