Artemus Sarris

"The All-knowing One guides me."


Artemus is a male aasimar notable for his angelic appearance. He has pale, flawless skin with azure eyes. Silvery white hair flows to his shoulders and blows easily with the wind. He wears chain mail that has been painted white and wields a longsword in one hand an a metal shield in the other.


Artemus spent his early years living in Taleah with your overprotective mother Jalissa and his adopted brother, Katunix. As soon as he was able to hold basic conversation and perform simple math, his mother tasked him with assisting her in the mixing lab for her new business venture. Unfortunately, Artemus never lived up to his mother’s expectations for alchemy and magic, finding both daunting and bothersome, and was eventually utilized as a salesperson where his natural charisma shined.

However, since childhood, he wanted to know what happened to his father and his companions of the Shield and Artemus’ aasimar blood urged him to do more with his talents than simply sell potions. His mother made it abundantly clear that she wanted him safe by her side for as long as possible, even going as far as refusing to let him serve in the military alongside his brother. It was years before tense relations reached their boiling point, exploding in a verbal spat which led his mother to bewitch him.

Artemus ran away at first, only to return months later to heal the wounds created that night. His mother caved and agreed to give him his freedom in exchange for a new position in the business delivering special parcels she couldn’t trust with anyone else. During his downtime he sought the martial training he’s always wanted and chased down the few leads on his father’s fate. While information was scarce, it was more than enough to convince him to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a paladin, fully resolved to combat evil whenever it is found.

Artemus Sarris

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