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Main Article: Avalin

The Avalin are newly returned to material plane, no glorious empire in the Age of Magic to harken back to or to trace their lineage from. In terms of civilizations, the Avalin are newcomers on the world stage. Nevertheless, they are a force to be reckoned with, feared by some, and respected by all. Part of that respect stems from the tremendous magical power the Avalin armies command, but no small part of it stems from the incredible story of their genesis.

Capital City: Erias


Main Article: Baronde

The Baronde are people forged by unbelievable hardship into weapons of unrelenting justice. They have the will to take the fight to the enemy no matter the price; the only question is if they will take it too far, but they did not survive this long only to let the world fall into darkness.

Capital City: Taleah


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