Nordeheim Fortress

Nordeheim Fortress
Type Fortress
Location Loressea/Baronde
Appearances Gemeth 10, 154

The Nordeheim Fortress is located on the border of Baronde and Loressea and is the headquarters of the Shield of Paburh. It was here that the order was founded in 57 CY. The fortress is run by the First Shield, who is head of all Shield of Paburh agents.

Nordeheim features large, mighty oaks with carved trunks, each depicting moments in history deemed important by the Shield. The Shield of Paburh’s treasury is also located in Nordeheim. Although they now seem to be extinct post- Age of Decay, it still includes quarters reserved for keeping unicorns.

The architecture of Nordeheim Fortress is quite akin to fortresses found in Avalin, which suggests that Nordeheim might be Fey in origin. However, this may not be true in reality as Baronde is the largest financier of the Shield.


  • Norde is the Basque spelling for ‘north-west wind,’ while heim is the German word for ‘home’. Neither words are Elven in origin, but it could refer to the windstorms that frequent the plains west of where the fortress is located.
  • Nordeheim name may be inspired by the many cities by the name of Nordheim on Earth.

Nordeheim Fortress

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