Mystic Lady

The Mystic LadyMystic Lady is a brand of apothecary goods founded in Taleah by Jalissa Sarris. It’s distinguished for providing quality products without the inconvenience of dealing with Karningond cults. Since its establishment, the Mystic Lady has grown into a widespread network of apothecaries, alchemists, and merchants with guild houses in many major cities across Kavan.


“Better living through alchemy!”


The Mystic Lady’s guidelines can be summarized as follows:

▪ One should not dabble with poisons, only with cures.
▪ Share one’s discoveries so that the world may benefit.
▪ Pursue perfection in life and in work.


Acquisition. Discover new markets and clients and, while doing so, learn all you can and uncover secrets. Obtaining knowledge and wealth are of equal importance, as having one leads to having the other.


Typical quests include protecting a shipment traveling to a distant town, establishing trade with a wealthy or influential client, and retrieving rare and/or exotic ingredients for potion synthesis.

Renown Title Benefit
1 Fledgeling Official retail license
Discount: 10% off Common potions
3 Copperbeak Uncommon Item: Bag of Holding
Discount: 10% off Uncommon potions
10 Silverwing
(5th level+)
Rare Item: Figure of Wondrous Power, Serpentine Owl
Discount: 10% off Rare potions
25 Golden Eagle
(11th level+)
Very Rare Item: Tome of Clear Thought
Discount: 10% off Very Rate potions
50 Platinum Owl
(17th level+)
Legendary Item: Ioun Stone, Mastery
Discount: 10% off Legendary potions

Known Members

Artemus Sarris
Jalissa Sarris

Mystic Lady

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