Magitek, or Magic Technology, is a catch-all term for technology or advancements made possible through the use of arcane magic. By utilizing elementals in creative ways or imbuing mundane objects with arcane rituals, the people of Kavan have achieved levels of technology similar to 1880’s America.

Conjured engineering

A breakthrough in permanency spells allow arcanists to utilize summoning magic for other needs. While techniques have not advanced to the point where a powerful conjuration can be used, smaller spells have been converted into useful tools for society.

Examples of conjured engineering
  • Affluent cities and a handful of towns provide streetlights through bottled, self-sustaining light orb rituals.
  • Pyrach skyscrapers are constructed using conjured engineering, though the precise technique is unknown to most people.

Gnomish engineering

The gnomes of Marbal are renown for their skills at tinkering and engineering and have contributed a number of inventions and concepts to the field of Magitek. The most outstanding example of their innovation are the creation forges unique to Marbal and the warforged constructs that are manufactured there.

Examples of gnomish engineering

Other Examples of Magitek

  • Photographs and sound recordings are possible but are a luxury of the extremely wealthy.
  • Bezeph tricksters often use Magitek in their illusions.


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