“Good day, and good luck.”
Largest city
Some City
Some City
Languages Common
Demonym Lakuvian
Ruled By Timocracy
Patron God Avandra
Area N/A
Race Halfling
Moon Elf

Pirates and rulers of the sea

The Lakuvians are a seafaring folk and a crew’s first loyalty is to its captain. The Captain’s loyalty however is most likely to Cora or Geoffry – the de facto leaders of Lakuv. Geoffry sees himself as a dashing rogue – a charming leader with a rapier wit. When he sets his sights on plunder, he tends not to kill the victims of his raids (claiming that would keep them from bringing him more loot). He is an excellent swordsman and a most capable commander. Cora is everything he isn’t. She is the storm personified, temperamental and powerful. She has had entire cities razed for a perceived insult, and rules not by charm, but by fear.

1. Politics
2. Economy
3. Culture
4. Military
5. Religion

Political structure

The Lakuv believe in freedom, and as such every ship is a nation onto itself and its captain a leader. Among these captains the two most powerful are Geoffry and Cora the Gale. Neither of them concern themselves with the actions of the other captains, though the other captains often seek them out in dire times. It’s at these times where the Lakuv will hold a moot and address issues bigger than their respective ships.

During a moot, only those who own a ship are allowed to speak, and in that sense Lakuv is run by a timocracy. Each ship itself has its own way of doing things, but in most cases its captain calls all of the shots. Due to the unpredictable nature of Lakuvian ships, the nation as a whole has shaky foreign relations. Some Lakuvians pull into foreign ports for fair trade, while others prefer to plunder goods as pirates. Lakuvians do not abhor either lifestyle, respecting the pirates for their boldness and even banding together to fight back against those who aim to stop them.


Lakuvian merchants’ main export are the fish they catch sailing from port to port. As Lakuv essentially controls the waterways, they have a large monopoly on this market and can trade at a large surplus. Their main import is lumber for building new ships.

Couple that surplus with goods gained through plundering and Lakuv boasts one of the strongest economies in Kavan, one that’s always improving. Surprisingly, the wealth is spread fairly evenly throughout, with the expected wealth gap for ship owners. Even Geoffry and Cora, with all their prestige, are not vastly richer than their peers.


Lakuvians are joyous, charismatic folk and are known for their music. Outside of the entertainment they can provide through song, their only options are drinking. While not debilitating, alcoholism is common among the Lakuv and is its biggest ill by a wide margin.

Without much to look at besides each other, it’s no surprise that Lakuvians value attractiveness more than any other society in Kavan. It’s quite apparent, and accepted, that unattractive people are discriminated against on their ships. While this discrimination is accepted, discussions of hygiene are unofficially forbidden. Spending life almost entirely on a ship does not offer many luxuries in that department, so discussing poor hygiene is taboo out of how unavoidable it is at times.


It’s also no surprise that Lakuv boasts Kavan’s strongest navy by a wide margin, which makes them a threat to any coastal city if the moot decides to take military action. This is rare, however, as it would be difficult for Lakuv to defend its own coastal settlements from counter attacks by land. As it stands, their fleet of small, fast ships is focused primarily on exploration with the occasional raid against the Clan of Xasu, knowing that the Clan can not easily mobilize against them without marching through some amount of hostile territory.

The men and women who operate Lakuv’s fleet are mostly volunteers, but the moot can choose to draft from all available ships if they feel the need is great enough.


Lakuvians are not held to one particular belief system, though most citizens consider themselves followers of Avandra in some shape or form. A shrine to the goddess can be found under the deck of almost any Lakuvian ship, where its crew pray frequently and joyously for good luck.

Away from the shrines, Lakuvians worship Avandra and other deities with songs, especially on holidays. Almost any date of note becomes a holiday for Lakuvians and is celebrated with excessive song and drink.

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