Geographical information
Type Village
Societal information
Races Humans (Majority)
Population 620 in 179 CY

Katun is a small village located on the northeast edge of Lake Tyrdda in central Kavan. The village is known for the prominent manor house of House Stefanië, which the rest of the village is built around.


Katun originally started as the vacation home for the bards of House Stefanië when they weren’t touring, but as time went on and the bards gained wealth and fame, the manor grew and required more staff to maintain it. The staff eventually required their own homes and their children their own as well. So Katun grew and grew until it was a village proper.


Officially, Katun falls under the central Baronde government and has a representative in its House of Lords. However, Katun has become somewhat autonomous due to its distance from Taleah, and the citizens look to the head of House Stefanië as their mayor.


Most of the city’s residents are humans, although elves and dwarves are commonly seen as well.

Notable locations

Manor House of House Stefanië. The famous family of bards make their home here.
The Face and Fiddle. Tavern.
The Dreaming Minstral. Inn.
Tyrdda Tailors. Tailor shop that produces the iconic clothing of House Stefanië.


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