House Stefanië

House StefaniëHouse Stefanië is a world renown house of bards whose legacy stretches back into the Age of Magic. Members of the Stefanië bloodline are the most notable, but the house does train other, lesser known bards who often see a decent level of success.


“We’ll sing harmony.”


House Stefanië’s guidelines can be summarized as follows:

▪ Cultivate beauty in all that you do, whether
you’re casting a spell, composing a saga, or
strumming a lute.
▪ Remember that a charming smile and a kind
word are often more powerful than a blade.
▪ Remember the great deeds and people of the
past, and try to surpass them.


Creation. The world is in need of new, bold ideas and we’re the ones that are going to be in the vanguard.


Typical quests include performing for a worthy audience, smoothing over an incident in a diplomatic fashion, and delivering messages to the representative in the House of Lords.

Renown Title Benefit
1 Bathwater ???
3 Just a Girl/Boy ???
10 Looking Hot
(5th level+)
25 You’re So Foxy
(11th level+)
50 Hella Good
(17th level+)

Known Members

Gwenn Stefanië, Mistress

House Stefanië

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