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Good Neutral Evil


Deity Alignment Suggested Domains
Avandra, goddess of change and luck CG Trickery
Bahamut, god of justice and nobility LG Life, War
Corellon, god of magic and the arts CG Light
Moradin, god of creation LG Knowledge, War
Pelor, god of the sun and agriculture NG Life, Light
Sehanine, goddess of the moon CG Trickery

Protecting the weak from those who would dominate or kill them is just the right thing to do.


Deity Alignment Suggested Domains
Erathis, goddess of civilization and invention LN Knowledge
Ioun, goddess of knowledge N Knowledge
Kord, god of strength and storms CN Tempest
Melora, god of wilderness and the sea N Nature, Tempest
The Raven Queen, goddess of death LN Life, Death

Just let me go about my business.


Deity Alignment Suggested Domains
Asmodeus, god of tyranny LE Trickery
Bane, god of war and conquest LE War
Gruumsh, god of destruction CE Tempest, War
Lolth, goddess of spiders and lies CE Trickery
Tharizdun, god of madness CE Trickery
Tiamat, goddess of wealth, greed, and vengeance LE Trickery, War
Torog, god of the Underdark NE Death
Vecna, god of evil secrets NE Death, Knowledge
Zehir, god of darkness and poison CE Death, Trickery

It is my right to claim what others possess.


Under a Glass Moon nellshini