Age of Rebirth


The Age of Rebirth is the current age. After the Age of Decay, civilizations reformed and rebuilt. Some cultures stayed the same while others changed drastically in response to the recent war. Over the next 150 years (roughly), mankind has grown back to healthy levels. Bustling cities can be found in almost every region, though transportation has not improved much further than cart and buggy. The Marbal are rumored to have created a rail system as well as automotive technologies, but such advancements have not been seen in the further corners of Kavan.

Significant Events

Year Events
1 CY Zehir is defeated by Corellon and is sent back to Avernus as a prisoner.
12 CY Arcanists wanting to be free to study as they pleased travel to the western end of the continent and found Sirothell. In short time, most of those arcanists become necromancers.
98 CY Civil war erupts in Pyrach over the legitimacy of the Nebulak line, leading to the eventually founding of Bezeph.
Concerned over prophecy, the Overcouncil establishes the Shield of Paburh.
105 CY Slavery is officially abolished through the Overcouncil nations. Many others follow suit, though a handful keep to their ways.
154 CY A strange artifact is brought to Nordeheim Fortress for study but its power leads to the destruction of the Shield of Paburh and the withering of the Galhilden Woods.
The Gelade state of Batai launches an all-out attack against Karningond to retrieve Kavan’s Heart of Tarrasque. The stone is stolen during the ensuing battles by a third battle. Batai and its Han Sing Kheg secret society face heavy sanctions.
155 CY A tiefling by name of Nemeia Zolfura performs the infernal Stigmata of the Unborn ritual on Mune’s Mirror of Heaven. The Glass Sea cracked and parted, opening a portal from the Nine Hells into the Material Plane. Nemeia declares herself ruler of Vapar, starting their Zolfura Era.
179 CY Present year.

Age of Rebirth

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