Age of Magic


The Age of Magic begins with the signing of the Compact which forbade deities and other celestials from residing in the Material Plane. With the number of battles significantly reduced, more civilizations are able to be established. Many turned their attentions to academic pursuits, wanting to master the arcane and other instruments witnessed in the Age of Dragons. Many records of what scholars call the Golden Age of Kavan were lost during the Age of Decay, but the history has been mostly recovered over the years.

Significant Events

Year Events
~2900 The tribes taking refuge in Razel’s home of Lishai declare themselves as Gelade, forming three states around the angel’s residence.
~3500 Separatists leave Marbal in the form of many tribes, citing dishonest dealings with humans as their reason.
~3900 A number of humans forged a pact with Asmodeus and became the first tieflings. They quickly declare themselves as Vapar and conquer the surrounding human nations.
3960 Orcs mimic the Vapar and form the Clan of Xasu in the southern regions of Kavan. While powerful, they find much less success compared to the tieflings.
4500 The dwarven tribes that left Marbal reunite to become the isolationist Kozo. Above all, they refused to trade with humans and tieflings.
4814 The death of Ovimus III, Vapar’s last great ruler, splits the massive empire into fragments, each claims by a different noble house. The separation greatly weakened the tiefling forces, allowing other nations the chance to fight back.
4843 Vapar is completely routed and is chased into the Nine Hells.
5066 Jeciem (an angel of Erathis) is rumored to have broken the Compact and led the humans out of the Nine Hells, free from Asmodeus’ influence. Some scholars believe this story to be a fabrication used to unite humans against the Clan of Xasu). The human nations unite as Baronde, accepting the story as fact over the generations.
5298 Baronde worshipers of The Raven Queen transform themselves in shades and and isolate themselves in the far north, declaring themselves Vepul.
5392 Baronde aristocrats, obsessed with their legacies, form a bloodbond with the mysterious Red Witch and become vryloka. They unofficial secede from Baronde and form the nation of Norithon.

Age of Magic

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