Age of Dragons


Unable to overcome their differences the gods began to war across creation. As in all things, the gods’ desires become physically manifested and their aggression was acted out by powerful creatures that battle against each other. Dragons, giants, great elementals, and the gods themselves unleashed incredible magic and threatened to destroy creation with it. Mountains were created and destroyed, chasms and lakes were created like gaping scars. When it became obvious that the gods’ battle threatened creation itself, Razel called for the war to end. The gods met and the Compact was formed, an agreement that the gods would withdraw and only interfere with creation through certain limited means.

Significant Events

Year Events
???? At some point, Order summoned the gods back to the Astral Sea and they left their civilizations and Kavan behind to obey the request. It is said that the gods missed the authority they had on Kavan and some grew in contempt of Order for taking it away. Eventually, Asmodeus started a rebellion along with several other gods, forever changing their divine precepts and starting the eternal conflict known as the Great Schism.
???? With war raging in the Astral Sea, several gods returned to Kavan to extend their wars to mankind. The emerging nations of the world obeyed their deities and struck out at each other in a world conflict. The gods brought angels, devils, dragons and other monsters into the fray as a means of protecting themselves, escalating the war to catastrophic levels.
???? The Compact, encouraged by Razel (an angel of Ioun), was drawn up and signed by the gods as a last-ditch effort to end the destruction. Its main stipulation forbade the gods and their angels from engaging in direct combat in the prime material plane. While it continued to allow deities to fight through the nations of men that worshiped them, it drastically reduced the casualties of warfare on Kavan by removing the gods and their angels (or devils). Dragons, both chromatic and metallic, chose to remain on Kavan.
???? Kirarel (an angel of Pelor) was the first to break the Compact when he and a few followers refused to cease fire and continued to hunt down devils and demons wherever they were to be found. Since the forces of evil also retreated from Kavan with the Compact, this transgression was overlooked.

Age of Dragons

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