Age of Decay


The Age of Decay spans from the day Zehir returned to Kavan until the day he was vanquished, when the pestilence began to recede. The Age of Decay was a period of great recline.

Significant Events

Year Events
???? Zehir broke the Compact and returned to Kavan, unleashing a surprise pestilence upon his arrival. Unlike Content Not Found: kirarel violation, Zehir’s actions could not be overlooked and immediately garnered the attention of other gods.
???? Pelor returns to the prime material plane to defeat Zehir but loses as the fight is very much on the God of Poison’s terms. Pelor is returned to his astral form, an act that inadvertently turns more of his forces to Kirarel’s cause.
???? Corellon makes his return to Kavan and pulls the Avalin through from the feywild to the prime material plane during Belthane. He leads his people in secrecy for generations, weaving his own arcane power into their lineage.
???? Corellon leaves his people, presumably to slay Zehir and return him to his astral form.

Age of Decay

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