Age of Creation


The Age of Creation is a mythical age believed by the people of Kavan. The gods who walk among men do not confirm or deny the stories from this age, which some people believe adds to their credibility. This age ends with the advent of writing and the decline of oral tradition.

Significant Events

Year Events
???? Before anything else, there was the Astral Chaos and Astral Order. Order established a pantheon of gods and appointed to each of them a divine precept. The gods made their home in the Astral Sea created by Order and spent much of their time growing into their roles.
???? Once Order felt them ready, he gave them the gift of creation and commanded them to take flight. The Gods set off in every direction creating as they pleased. Many realms and planes were brought into existence as a result.
???? When life was sufficiently abundant, Order summoned the gods back and ordered them to contribute together to a common world. This world became Kavan, their greatest creation. The gods grew fond of their creations on Kavan and eventually descended into the world to nurture them into something greater. With this, the people of the world grew into civilizations and worshiped the gods who created them.

Age of Creation

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