Under a Glass Moon

Dark recollections...

In the darkness, I’ve had a lot of time to think. So much has happened these past few weeks that I have scarcely had time to consider any of it at all. Now, I have no choice but to ponder and internalize as I await what must be my final fate in this prison.

Our recent trip to visit the Archivist has led to the revelation that I am… somehow a Prince. Prince of the Pyrachi kingdom and relative of the King. The entity had little to share of my nemesis, and less of the circumstances behind my life on the streets. Angering as that may have been, the news was even more sobering. How could I be a Prince? More interesting, though, was learning that my old friend was part of a royal house as well, and that her parents were murdered as part of a conspiracy. I don’t know how far this thing goes, but I can only imagine that she must have been similarly shaken on some level. She has always been shy, but she had almost nothing to say at all about it. I wish I could say that time will tell what will come of that news, but it seems we won’t get that chance, now… Elzeny’s usual dusky behavior yielded a unique situation in which we learned that she is of a race of vampiric people, and that Virgol had become her thrall I’m exchange for saving his life. In quiet retrospect, I should have realized that something was amiss when she ignored my prank after his miraculous resurrection. Though I was somewhat disgusted by the method, the end result was favorable…

Later, we copied a map of our land in the catacombs of the Archivist, and set out to find the Shadowstaff in Tiressea. We eventually decided to save the Shield headquarters with the logic that their assistance could help us satisfy our goals more handily, and set out for the town of Selepp to head north. A barroom encounter with the family of a local scholar gave us two things: one, that Elzeny must be a drunk, and two, a means of reaching our destination without incident (as well as gaining some extra coin!) I can be quite persuasive sometimes.

For twelve days we sailed. At various points, many of us took ill, but my store of citrus fruits helped us stay reasonably well during the journey. After escorting Artere, our anti-social charge, to the Drow town of Ambyn, we went our separate ways and were given a somewhat rude reception. The locals didn’t take well to us, and it was difficult to even establish leads toward our goals, but we got one that sent us in the direction of the town of Dyra. We never made it though. The efficiency of those damnable dark elves is unmistakable. They laid us low so quickly, and forced us to leave Virgol behind in a pool of his own blood. An honorable man should not have to throw down his weapon in a strange land, but an edict for reasonable discourse in avoiding senseless violence is also acceptable. They had us before we stood a chance…

Virgol is not one I knew for long, but he became one of my companions and tried to prove his worth time and again. The frustration of being unable to protect my companions is palpable, yet remote as I sit in this cage of darkness awaiting my fate. Being a Prince, taking my revenge, fulfilling my oaths, strengthening my personal honor… all so far away. There is nothing left to do but to wait and see…

Holy tree barks.

Written in Elven
General Phittenzen has sent me to travel all over Kavan outside of Gelade to gather all of the information to brighten up for our cause to unify all of Gelade under our banner. But in the midst of my mission, my hometown is on a verge of a civil war. This mission has taught me things that I have never seen before ever since I’ve been a part of SHIELD. Going from Baronde to traveling across the land through this magical train car. I’ve seen many things that I can apply to our cause.

Personally, I’ve taken my time to get to learn about old man Norten and found out to the extent what his powers were. He stopped the giant storm that plagued our homeland years ago. That’s awesome. I gotta ask old man about it. I should say hi to Telly-chan to let her know that I’m still alive. I did promise that I will buy her something that I will find amazing. But now, with the people I’m traveling with, I need to get things done asap. I need enough people to stop the revolution. The General will definitely need to be confronted by, my word is on that.

By Pelor I'm Alive, And Yet... Not?

I haven’t retreated to pen and thoughts for some time. Least not of which is that we seem to dislike pens. We have one, I am borrowing it. May everyone make sure to remind me if I forget I have it.

I died I think. And yet I’m still here. I was brought back to life as Elzeny’s thrall. I am grateful, but after revealing what she was, not so much, especially not when this clarifies why my link to my deity has been severed. I am still unhappy about being unable to reach Pelor but while I will have to accept that in this new lifetime, bereft of old memories as well, I may not regain my divine link to him, there are ties of idea and duty as well. I have beheld Pelor with my own eyes. It will take more than lost remembrances, paranormal bonds, and a newfound fondness and concern of our resident… rogue… to make me waver.

Admittedly, I don’t think I would feel that way if I had been who I was before that murderous tiefling burned me acrisp. I have travelled this lifetime (or would that be technically the previous?) with a certain amount of bumbling luck. There are times I’ve been humbled due to the lack of address my Pelorian brothers give to learning about other worlds, then encouraging us to strike out in Pelor’s name with naught but our own fervor and faith, sometimes at the behest or even harm of innocent other parties. It had turned me into a very doubtful, conflicted agent. But somehow, I’ve found new confidence, conviction in this existence.

Speaking of dispositions, the Archivist and his temperament disappointed me, but if my time in Lumene has taught me, it’s that knowledge and wisdom are tools, not purveyors of good, even in the Pelorian pursuits of truth. And we did learn much truth. It is what we wish to do with that knowledge.

For now, we wonder where our newfound knowledge will take us. I took interest in us travelling in the direction of Kozo, but my instincts told me better, after hearing of the Clan of Xazu.

To be honest, I miss Jalissa. She would probably think low of me in this state, but if she would scorn me for happenings more out of my power than I imagined, then it was truly not meant to be. Would it come to that, I hope there is a more civil resolution other than… Elzeny likely playing the situation for her own amusement.

If there is one thing that has settled well in my heart? I did not turn into a Rakshasa. I only remember, now with missing memories, what I have learned from Kirarel and my brothers about Rakshasa… not of my own experience with them in past times… but I remembered the reaction I had when I first remembered when those things were.

I had done bad things. I initially thought this was a form of punishment, becoming Vryloka, but if there is a chance I will vanish for good when this lifetime ends… is that being freed?

REALLY? Really? really?
Sunday, Canceth 16, 154 CY

So I’m not going to lie. I love mead. Mead doesn’t always love me back as I woke up and threw up in a bucket with Ghenghaar pulling my hair back (Thanks buddy! Owe you one!). It’s okay mead, I love you and that’s all that matters.

I was informed in my not-so-great state that my poison was stolen and used in the Emerald Claw lunches. Last time I checked party members, I was the one stealing things. Can you all like not, not cool (And I paid a pretty penny for them too! sob).

Eventually, in my less than okay state, I made my way outside of the Emerald Claw’s lounge. Mialee was doing some sort of…dance? I think it was and Dak Tillaboth was talking to some woman. Things seemed to go well until a guard captain began yelling about dead bodies. Great, just great, really what we needed. Some people went out to check and I stal- followed them.

Virgol Firabi being the the caring Deva that he is, was checking up on our hungover Kitten (Party~)before this fiasco occurred. Unfortunately for him, the conductor saw this as suspicious behavior and claimed that Virgol was the killer (You should work on not being seen as sketchy, just sayin’). Figured that we could avoid the problem and I shoot ‘em. The last one was being a bit of an asshole so I sent Virgol to go back to the longue as a fight broke out (This is why we can’t have nice things guys).

So I kill the last bastard (Duh), and I’m greeted by the overwhelming scent of death. Not that I’m unfamiliar with the smell, but damn, it’s potent as hell. Damn, Ghenghaar‘s meat buddy is dead. He’s not going to take that well at all. As I made my way to the storage space of the room I’m met with what I know now is a tiefling. Red, has horns, and is a nasty piece of work. I attempt to talk to it. It doesn’t respond and in turn spits fire at me.

Nope, nope, nope. I’m not ready for this. I leave, to go get my friends because fuck this. We regroup, I let them know what has happened, and we learn that our fire breathing friend has stolen something precious that the Emerald Claw was guarding. Oh? Something precious? This pertains to my interests.

This should be dealt with quickly. I drag Virgol Firabi with me in hopes of locating the tiefling. For some sick twist of fate he was in the ladies quarters. How nice. Please don’t burn my things kthaxbai. We fight him, the guard captain joins, we win, Virgol Firabi dies. Welp, RIP.

Located on the piece of shit’s body was a note. We were duped by Baka Cannith to be a distraction. The item that the Emerald Claw was transporting is a phylactery. What is does I don’t know. Why Dak Tillaboth wouldn’t let me kill the guard captain I don’t know (Something about honor and that crap), but I feel as if it’s a great error.

Now back to Virgol Firabi. Hm. I can work with this.

Gonna pay what they owe.
Sunday, Canceth 16, 154 CY

…no forgiveness.

Treachery struck three times this day, and I intend to answer it in full.

Dak and I, with the acknowledgment of the others, hatched a plan to stop the “saboteurs” we were tasked with guarding against. Borrowing some of the meat from my meat-loving friend, we poisoned their meals and waited for our opportunity to strike. Shortly after meeting them, however, things went wrong.

Dak found his way to the side of the magic user, and I took up positions outside of the door with the rogue. I thought I’d face some trouble taking her poison, but the promise of better things to come in pursuit of her goal seemed to be enough to placate her for now. Seeing Mialee dancing in the lounge reminded me of simpler times long ago, but I made no move to join her at that time. That one was always given to random fits of expressiveness and I decided to let her enjoy it. Soon enough though, her tongue betrayed our intent (as did that of Virgol…) after which I threw caution to the wind and joined my friends for a drink.

The guard captain’s suspicions were alerted to our intent by terrible news: my friend Deltar, that strange companion I’d made over love of good meat, was found dead alongside others. My spirits dropped instantly. I just couldn’t believe that I’d lost someone to such dire circumstance. Stunned, I moved away instantly to reach his side, but the guard captain gave orders to halt my advance. Virgol somehow managed to get away before all of this, and I fell into a rage. I threatened the captain and soon after, the poison took effect. The battle was joined.

Without the aid of the Virgol and Elzeny, this battle was more difficult than anticipated (the guard captain was a truly worthy opponent) but eventually, we triumphed. I claimed a few spoils of victory and helped to sort out the situation immediately following the chaos. We tied up the survivors and tried to assess the situation to no avail. I remember little of the events that followed immediately, because my perspective was so clouded by what follows: Sheezy gave us word of a fearsome foe (a tiefling: agent of powers we can’t yet hope to match) he’d encountered near the front of the car, so we mostly gave chase. Mialee stayed behind briefly, and Dak ran to check the stables. We checked the room he was last found in and discovered empty chests… and traces of necrotic magic. Following this and knowing the foe had disappeared, we gave chase and discovered him awaiting us in the girls’ suites!

Having seen first-hand what his powers did to Sheezy, the rest of us assembled there did our best to keep the tiefling pinned down, but he still hurt us pretty badly. Virgol arrived and… the fool, he ran in close to the vile creature, hoping to limit his ability to hurt us from afar. The creature pulled a sword and with two strikes, laid him low. Though we attempted to hold him in place with our attacks, he soon after moved himself, causing an explosion that ended the life of our companion. I let him down. I truly let him down. My abilities weren’t enough to Leo him from his untimely end, nor were they enough to end the bastard’s life. The guard captain arrived suddenly and finished him off, claiming an amulet once the deed was done.

Inspecting a note found on the body of the tiefling clued us in on an interesting fact; Baka Cannith used us as a distraction to ensure that the amulet (secretly a phylactery) would be stolen by this agent of his while we fought with the guards. Three times the treachery, three times the revenge. As I sit here alongside Dak giving Virgol his last rites, I only feel intense sorrow, regret, and anger. I wasn’t strong enough… again… I couldn’t save my charges and I couldn’t save my companion. I won’t let this happen a third time. I’ll get as much power as I need to protect my people.

A Moment Revisted
Sunday, Canceth 16, 154 CY

By the grace of Melora. That is the reason why I breathe. It’s the reason I bleed for both the natural world and my comrades who aid me in defending it. I swore an oath to myself to never let another member in my charge perish and I have failed in that task. I was not there to take the blows, wasn’t there to taunt the enemy, and Virgol was the one to pay for it. Seeing his body laying there and being helpless to do anything more for him.. It only reminds me of my past. Elzeny is right in that we should deal with this phylactery, however, the guard captain proved to be an honorable man and I cannot allow him harm, circumstances be damned.

But that is where my level-headed thinking ends. All I see now, as we clean Virgol’s body, is another person added to the body count; people slain because I was powerless to intervene. I hear the conversations being held around me. I see the rest of the team and conductors move about. But all I can do is pray. Pray to Melora that this slight will be forgiven, pray that Virgol’s soul will find peace in the warmth of the sun that he so firmly dedicated himself to. As we continue towards our destination, the ocean is in view and the sun shines brightly into through the room. It’s almost as if Pelor is asking for his follower to return to him. I picked up Virgol’s body in that moment and placed it in the sun, offering a prayer to both Melora and Pelor, wishing his soul a safe and peaceful journey.

Desiring a drink to wash away the guilt, I decided to head to the bar again in the dining car. Drinking down some ale dulled the pain and the company surrounding was that of the wizard woman once again. I nodded towards her and offered to buy her a drink. It seemed a fitting gesture all things considered. Maybe not one to wipe the slate clean, but it was certainly a start. Melora knows, with the way things have been as of late, we could all use a bit of what grandmother used to call ‘good juju’..

Sunday, Canceth 16, 154 CY

That deva’s dead. He’s dead because of my stupidity. I can’t believe that deva…. Virgol is killed by that god damn Tiefling. I swore that I was gonna avenge Virgol and murder that Tiefling bitch’s ass. But it ain’t gonna do nuthin’ cause that deva’s dead because of me.

But thanks to some note that i read, I came to realize that Mistuh B.C. is behind all of this shit and it’s most likely that it’s the same fucker who sent us on this lil’ train to take care of some bidness. We happen to stumble across that lil’ amulet that Mistuh B.C. happens to be lookin’ fo’ too. Though some of us may not approve to this, but i ain’t lettin’ the poor cap goin’ away widdit cause we need some leverage to negotiate with a specific B.C. individual.

Virgol, I know you ain’t gonna be approvin’ of this, but I have to avenge you cuz I need to atone for my fault and to save my kin. So then I can perhaps convince my peepz to join S.H.I.E.L.D. in order to find out more about my true purpose.

I will do what I can to make sure that you will rest in peace and also to ensure that my peepz will be able to survive this impeding civil war….

Starday, Canceth 15, 154 CY

Party time.

Party. Time.


As an admission, I never quite get why people can be so drawn to me in this lifetime. Self-depreciation is a talent I prefer to use with levity, but I wonder if the reason I remember as much as I do of years ago in days of old when magic filled the air*, is because I must spend half this lifetime channeling some past existence as a louse.

Nay, once a Deva, always a Deva, unless you’re a Rakshasa.

In any case, I’m simply glad Elzeny is taken safely off to bed. Ghenggar coming to my aid when he did was much welcome; so much anger and brashness in that one, but he makes himself indispensable as an ally and even arbitrator where I cannot.

As a digression, the Pajari is definitely near, from the news we heard at the bar. I am surprised Elzeny did not catch on, but we cannot have a deviation unless the entirety of the group is okay with it. We will have to discuss this the morning following.

*- From a song by troubadours named “Led Zeppelin”. I do not remember where, but these oddities have been stirring sense-memories and making their way to the forefront of my mind recently. Excuse my rambling.

Freeday, Canceth 14, 154 CY

After defeating the goblin captain and rescuing the captives of Hybury we retrieve the artifacts and head back. we then are met with a message sent by El Eloron how tells us that shield has been compromised!
After staying the night in Hybury, Virgol seems to have done something right and Jalissa gets us some free horses. we arrive back at shield to discover the artifact that we brought back has drove members to attack one another, being stretched thin El Eloron gives us an hand full of quest that seem to put the group in a sudden disagreement. yet we decide that splitting up wouldn’t help and we head of to find Obsidian the lost scout. We put Obsidian back together with sheer force and magic and take him back to the dwarfs. but i feel were running out of time the white dragon kidnappings and the war headed to Sheezy’s home… I dont want more people to needlessly die anymore…

Freeday, Canceth 14, 154 CY

Beyond my servitude for Pelor, there is great meaning it seems, in my being here with SHIELD. New experiences and the return of old memories.

Of note; that goblin captain who defeated me briefly was a skilled fighter, a specialist in heavy armor like myself, who took advantage of both my exhaustion and an unfortunate misstep. Bless that merciless, proud, arrogant foe too, for had I not been temporarily stolen from consciousness, I would not have seen what I did; sins and saves of former lives. My colleagues may have wanted to bring him with as a prisoner for information, but I could sense in him too much pride to not want to meet his end in combat. I let him pass on.

On the way back out, I wondered if that caged demon must have remembered me from a past life. He was in one of those visions. But then I remembered he was a berserker, a malicious force craving only destruction.

We of course finished with that accursed castle, artifacts retrieved and remaining hostages saved. Those who could not, Pelor bless their souls, were given rites and buried further in the forest away from dark designs and energies. I made sure that Dak and I asked for Pelor and Melora to bless them much as could. It is still a shame that we could do nothing about the black obelisk inside or the caged demon, but we had much to worry about.

Jalessa has taken quite a liking to me, and though I felt a minor aversion to her clinginess, I came to find her more clever and intellectual than I gave credit. She reminds me of someone, faintly, I knew in a previous existence. But we are fond of each other now, and though I may be a person of control and detachment, I have faith Pelor and Ioun smiled on our encounter. And may continue to smile on our rapport.

All is not well, however, for those who have perished in the town are missed by those dear to them. And worse yet, upon returning to the headquarters of SHIELD, we find half of it taken over by the artifact in the Gehilden Woods; of course, almost simultaneously as we find of two other matters involving Sheezy and Ghengaar respectively.

We decided to grudgingly give the matter regarding SHIELD priority. I promised to have some of my Lumenian brothers look into the matter. As our journey has so far taken us to a Dwarven city after the restoration of one of their magi-mechanized scouts, I can only wonder where our journey takes us. Will take myself. What it will reveal. And most of all now, re-reveal.


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