"Ah, gambits and exploits await."


Timbre is a short forest gnome recognizable by her vibrant green hair. Her skin is tanned and often decorated with playful designs in green makeup. Her aforementioned emerald hair sits wildly as if always wind-blown, complimented by her olive eyes. Timbre is often seen in finely made clothes tailored to her size when not wearing her leather armor which is as finely embroidered. While she keeps a rapier at her waist, she is more likely to be found with her trusty lute in her hands.


Timbre was raised in a tiny village named Edhen in the Feywild as the 4th child of 9 and lived a sheltered life tending to the orchard that had been in the family for 16 generations. In her late teens, an alluring man by name of Grand Master Bard Wili Yameater Earthshaker Spark approached the village telling tales of The Sinister Ritual, an event that unleashed hordes of demons into the Material Plane, quickly engulfing it. He warned that the Feywild was next and offered safety. She was immediately enthralled and set off with the rest of his entourage to The Bastion of Protection that he had prepared. (The fact that The Bastion was far away from the orchard and that annoying next door neighbor whose family had been trying to marry into hers for the past 11 generations was a plus.)

During the next 24 years, Timbre gained immense appreciation for the Grand Master Bard Wili’s Bardic skills and worked hard to learn as much as possible of his skillset, going so far as to learn some of his mannerisms. At some point, she started to doubt the validity of his preachings (dealing with 5 younger siblings gave her at least a bit of a Bullshit Meter). When the Queen’s Sworn Guard finally cracked down on the Grand Master Bard’s scheme, her suspicions were proved to be correct.

Released from his scam, she was offered the chance to return home. Still unwilling to settle down with the neighbor’s son, Timbre decided to instead run off to the Material Plane in order to live for herself and make up for the years she lost.


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