Rician Catseye

"I will suffer no threat to my purpose."


Rician is a male wildhunt shifter who often takes the form of a great gray wolf. He has exotic skin and piercing amber eyes. His dark brown hair is worn long and in thick coils that drape to the middle of his back. Rician often dresses humbly, wearing simple leather tunics and carrying few trinkets. In formal settings, he carries both a staff and ritual book suitable for his rank of Keeper.


Like most other wildhunt shifters, Rician Catseye was raised in a nomadic hunting tribe that roamed from the Bane Steppe to the Gurba Veldt, crossing through the Cullaqto Jungle as the seasons permitted. Before his seventh nameday, disaster struck the tribe in the form of Karningond cultists. The Shield of Paburh came to the assistance of the tribe, but not before the poison had done its work. Rician, left orphaned, found himself a ward of the Shield and in the care of Xavice Moonshadow, an elven druid. Xavice pushed Rician down the path of the druid, instilling in him the rare abilities of the swarm. As the years passed, Ricians ability as a druid grew immensely, as did his hate for the poisoners and all others who threatened the balance of nature. Nonetheless, Rician was an effective operative who, once given authority over his own cell, proved to be a ruthlessly efficient agent of the Shield.

As Rician reached adulthood, he came in contact with Fhaemita Dashfoot, another wildhunt shifter who came from a similarly fated tribe. Even though she was pushed down a different path by the organization, the two became close and eventually married once Rician was presented with the high rank of Keeper. Together they rescued a goliath child and attempted to raise her. Instead of following their druid path, Nalla inherited Rician’s bitterness toward civilization and left to correct it with her own two hands. The couple later had a son of their own named Reko, and another adopted daughter named Kaila.

After the Voice in the Darkness destroyed Nordeheim Fortress, Rician moved his family north into the Nimbrethil while staying behind at the behest of Melora. The goddess instructed him to work to restore the Shield of Paburh and to look after a child stranded in the Withered Woods. As a wolf, Rician provided for Elyad and, when he was of age, pushed him down the path of the druid.

Currently Rician roams between Nimbrethil and the Withered Woods, doing everything in his power to keep the corruption from spreading while working to restore the Shield of Paburh.

Rician Catseye

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