Reda Rikaidotr

"I speak softly, but carry a sharp knife."


Reda Rikaidotr is a female dwarf, recognizable for her holy symbol. She has high Dexterity and low Intelligence. She has a talent: she is an expert stonemason. Reda tends to use gestures over words and is suspicious in her dealings with others. She is protective of a valuable possession. If you asked her, she would say that her Ideal is, “Live and let live!” If she has a flaw, it is that she is prone to fits of rage.

Reda has a round face with hardened features, many of which scarred from various cuts. Her dark brown hair is kept short, barely covering her ears, and her brown eyes rarely betray her emotions. She wears half plate and carries a rapier and a shield. At her waist is an ornate dagger made of silver, clearly of fey origin. Displayed around her neck is a silver amulet of a waning crescent moon surrounding a crystal. Both the dagger and the crystal glow faintly in the moonlight.


Reda hails from the Rikaidotr clan, a long line of dwarves that could trace its lineage to the Glass Sea during the Age of Magic. Her ancestors’ experiences in the desert molded them into some of the finest stonemasons in Kavan, a tradition that carried its way down to Reda along with a reverence to the Lunar Lady. Her education in Kharazir focused on the stone and Sehanine both, a path which led directly to Himo Gemblossom.

During one fateful Lunar Hallowing in the Cwmbrystwy Forest, she encountered the vexing elf and danced with him through the night. At dawn, he presented her with his dagger: an exquisite, silvered weapon of fey origin that glowed with pale radiance in the moonlight, just as her amulet did. Enthralled, Reda took the magical blade back with her to Kharazir and found herself overcome with an urge to kill, turning the dagger on her family. Before an entire day had passed, her family had been exterminated and their blood was on her hands.

She ran in fear from the authorities, only to find herself face to face with Himo once again. This time, the elf forced Reda under his wing, bringing her into the Moonlight Order where she was beaten, bruised, and broken – mind and body both – until she was a tempered weapon of death. Once she was a husk of her former self, Reda traveled Kavan as an assassin, eliminating anyone the Order commanded.

It wasn’t until she stumbled upon the lost lands of the Stonewardens and the Tablets of Moradin that she remembered who she once was and broke free from the Moonlight Order. Now she runs, confident that her name is now on their list of targets.

Reda Rikaidotr

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