"Watch it, I'm hot."


Pepper, no surname given, is a female human of Galcian descent who’s either recognized by her bright blue leather outfit or the seemingly useless tinted glass visor she often has over her eyes. Her revealing attire showcases a powerful figure not to be trifled with, though she can be very absentminded and unaware of those trying to slight her. Pepper can drink almost anyone under the table, a feat that most citizens of Katun are well aware of. When not having her fill of ale or stout, she chews constantly on tobacco leaves. Pepper is overly friendly with anyone that walks into the Adventurer’s Guild and frequently shares unsolicited information and opinions as if her words were bottled up until that very moment. She is hopelessly in love with the concept of being in love, and vows to someday write novels that share her feelings with the rest of Kavan. While well liked by anyone she meets, Pepper has a very public and scandalous romantic history that deters most of her suitors.

Pepper has large blue eyes that are like two chunks of lapis lazuli. Her luxurious, wavy, yellow hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a moving river, held back by an animal print bandana. She’s tall and has a muscular build and pale skin. Pepper is fond of revealing crop tops in dark colors and her iconic blue jacket from Tyrdda Tailors which is studded here and there with purple gems. Her pants often match her jacket and every pair has the left pant leg ripped off high on the hip. She is never seen without her stylish leather collar which is studded with the same purple gemstones.



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