Nemeia Zolfura

"Some say the world will end in fire. Sounds all right to me."


Nemeia is a female tiefling who is easily spotted by her unusual hair (in both color and style). While she appears to be scrawny, Nemeia keeps a cool, calm demeanor that speaks of an enlightened intellect and never shows fear. She is also an extremely skilled dancer, though her current responsibilities keep her from showcasing that particular talent. Nemeia often appears to stare into the distance, even in the midst of conversation, as if she senses something in that direction that no one else can. Aside from that, her behavior is agreeable if not cold, never giving more or less than the necessary pleasantries an interaction calls for. Originally, Nemeia was driven by a need to learn her own lineage, but has since turned to seeking retribution for her ancestors.

Nemeia’s eyes, always covered by a ornate blindfold, are of a clouded light brown color. She has straight, light blonde hair that she keeps short in the back and asymmetrical in the front, covering her right eye even more. Her horns, protruding out from just above her pointed ears, curve inward and are gilded similarly to her blindfold and earrings. Nemeia has dusky skin and her body is otherwise lithe, to the point where she could be mistaken for a man at a distance. Or she would be mistaken if not for the distinguished robes and dresses she wears, sophisticated garments in shades of red-violet, garnet, and yellow-orange.


She’s quite important to Kavan’s history, so, info coming soon?

Nemeia Zolfura

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