Kaila Catseye

"The markswoman of the wood."


Kaila is a slender female razorclaw shifter most notable for her outlandish appearance. She has tanned skin and wide amber feline eyes. Her dense, jet-black hair is kept long and untidy, often flattened by the bear pelt she keeps as a cloak. Kaila wields her trusty longbow but also keeps a small scythe and quarterstaff at the ready. Her clothing tends to stick to the greens and browns of the forest and consists primarily of leather and fur.


When her home in the Gahilden Woods withered away, her family prioritized Kaila’s health and safety over all else. Her parents’ effort to survive the miasma was admirable but ultimately futile, leaving her orphaned when their strength eventually failed. Kaila was able to continue surviving on her own long enough to be found by Rician Catseye, a druid of the Shield of Paburh. Rician offered her a home alongside his wife, Fhaemita, and their children, Nalla and Reko.

Life as a Catseye was peaceful and her remaining childhood was tranquil, though she tried to never forget the dreadful days that came before. Kaila’s need for closure grew with every year, fueling her enthusiasm for learning. Since Rician spent most of his time in the Withered Woods, she received her lessons from the rest of the family. Fhaemita taught her about nature and how to survive off the land, while Nalla trained Kaila physically, pushing her until shifting was second nature. From Reko she learned little except friendship, as the two were of an age.

And so it was for many years until Rician presented Kaila with a longbow and encouraged her to travel with Reko. Her lessons were put to the test and she turned the Nimbrethil into her playground. It was only when Nalla left for adventure that she remembered your initial purpose. “I cannot accept such a life as this one until my family has the vengeance they deserve.” Nall’s words etched themselves into her mind, a constant reminder of what happened to her home.

Years later, Kaila followed in Nalla’s path, leaving the nest herself to push her skills to new limits and obtain the strength needed to end the corruption and those behind it.

Kaila Catseye

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