Ha'unta Nebulak

"My valor shall be proven this day."


Ha’unta is a sturdy male dragonborn of bronze ancestry. His yellow scales are tinged with green, marking him younger than the darker, richer tones of adult dragonborn. Similarly, his green eyes shine with youthful energy and curiousity. Ha’unta carries a weathered buckler in one hand and a battleaxe in the other, showing no signs of trouble wielding it in just one hand. His castle-forged chain mail is adorned with the official symbol of the Golden Shield.


Ha’unta, the crown prince of Pyrach, has lived a life as pleasant as one could hope for. His parents, King Tanabi Nebulak and Queen Farideh, spent as much time as they could raising him with love, leaving Ha’unta in the capable hands of aides and instructors when they could not. In his younger days, time allowed for a wealth of father-son bonding and his good-hearted father instilled a sense of responsibility in him. However, the demands of the crown weighed heavily, and as the years went on and darkness encroached on the borders, he saw less and less of his father. In King Tanabi’s absence, the lessons he taught Ha’unta took hold and he came to truly understand the point of all the stories his parents and teachers shared: sometimes one must seize their destiny with their own hands.

Instead of continuing a pampered life, he worked. Ha’unta’s sense of nationalism and the demands of succession drove him to join the Golden Shield at an extremely young age. Though his superiors would not dare to send the crown prince to the front, he still embodied the ideals of his people and never shied away from responsibility. Ha’unta earned the rank of Knight at 16, five years earlier than most, and Podrick Jenkins was assigned as his squire. With the freedom to do as he pleased, he’s since hired two more retainers whom he trusts, relying on them to handle the day-to-day work while he focuses on developing into better warrior and, more importantly, ruler.

Ha'unta Nebulak

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