Gwenn Stefanië

"If you can't leave your mark, just give up."


Gwenn Stefanië is a female half-elf, recognizable anyway for her outlandish style of clothing. She is astoundingly beautiful yet looks as though she’s never lifted a thing heavier than her instrument. Her legendary voice is so melodic it barely conceals the fact that she is a legendary songstress. Gwenn is prone to singing, whistling, or humming quietly during the day. When dealing with others, she comes off as arrogant, though most would say she’s earned that right. She seems drawn to a particular place in her past, frequently traveling there when she can. She believes that her songs make the world a better place and strives to spread the beauty of her music far and wide. Due to past experiences, Gwenn seems to be deathly afraid of lesbians.

She has an angular, ageless face with soft, flawless features (possibly due to make up). Her wispy hair is silver but it’s impossible to tell whether it’s from age or if she’s dyed it, and her eyes are an impossible shade of purple. She wears ornate yet revealing cloth and leather garments full of ruffles, complimented with metallic buckles, rivets, and trim. Strapped over her back is her favorite dulcimer which she calls Melody.


When Denast Stefanië returned from the Feywild betrothed to a high elf named Patti, he was just as shocked as everyone at home. The head of the famous House of Bards always thought himself above the helpless romanticism of the songs he recited, but the man was smitten and introduced the world to Gwenn soon after their wedding.

Heir to the musical dynasty, Gwenn was trained in the bardic arts from an early age but, unlike all others who came before her, Gwenn had an advantage. The elven half of her blood gave her an extended lifespan and that extra time allowed her to take her craft to new levels. Gwenn experimented with sounds and time signatures, producing a new style of song that could not be duplicated. The fame of her House grew even more, stretching to the far corners of Kavan and even back into the Feywild. She was in such high demand from kings and queens that lesser nobles could only dream of having her in their halls.

Her eccentric style did not end there; Gwenn pursued other careers once she had the luxury of relaxation. She commissioned a local tailor (Tyrdda Tailors) to push the envelope of Baronde fashion, creating her own brand in the process. Today, Gwenn’s ageless face and style are cultural icons known by anyone born in the last 100 years. Many say that Gwenn is still very much in her prime, but she spends her days relaxing at her manor and overseeing the village of Katun. The villagers worry about the fate of the House, as Gwenn has never married and has shown no public displays of courting.

Gwenn Stefanië

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