El Eloron

"I wonder what awaits me at the end of everything…"


El Eloron is very tall and lanky with tanned, wrinkled skin and a hooked nose. He has wispy, shoulder length dirty blond hair and small, deep blue eyes. He prefers minimalist tailored garb in shades of dark brown, yellow-green, dark green, and tan.

This elf carries a talisman that is woven into a cloth glove on his left hand, securely bound by a bracelet that was given to him by a former master. He also carries a magical walking stick carved from oak that has been in his family for over 400 years.


It is unknown exactly when the entity now known as El Eloron was born, but historians have determined that his birthplace was somewhere in the beautiful wilds of Loressea. Like many druids, his family (consisting of a mother, father, and an older sister) were devout followers of Melora and adhered to her teachings. It is suspected that he and his sister were orphaned during his adolescence, at which point his sister took to the sea while he stayed in the forests.

Since then, El Eloron has been in solitude far longer than he’s been a member of any society. Most of his memories are of traveling from land to land, speaking with different masters of the arts, and feeding his own insatiable desire to learn. His journeys have left him with a level of sophistication that one would normally associate with royalty.

Years ago, he stumbled across an unmarked book on during one of his strolls in his homeland. When he opened the mysterious tome, nothing appeared for what seemed to be a few moments, but then there was writing. It was in a very old script that he hadn’t seem since he was a child, but he was able to decipher it. Spells and rituals that his ancestors have written during The Lost Ages filled its pages. The book trapped his soul in exchange for the knowledge, but replaced it with a different ancestor each and every time the book was used.

El Eloron has since been a collection of his own lineage, even more so after developing a talisman that allowed him to communicate directly with the souls contained in the book. Over the years, El Eloron’s wisdom and ability has grown strong but the transference of souls has left him rattled. Unable to fully discern the past from the present anymore, El Eloron relies on the rangers of the Shield to be his eyes.

El Eloron

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