"I am greatly moved."


He is short and stocky with ruddy skin and a large nose. He has straight, shoulder-length dark brown hair and wide cinnamon brown eyes. He has a bushy beard. He wears formal modest garments in shades of grey-brown, emerald and dark brown.


Deltar hailed from a less-than-affluent Marbalese house in Denda and, like most dwarves, they valued tradition above all else. His mother cooked dishes mostly from the tuberroots that were abundant underground, sometimes providing desserts made from wheats or lichen found on the surface. It was all very delicious, and most dwarves from Denda would tell you that his mother’s cooking was the envy of many… It just wasn’t enough for Deltar.

When he were a younger lad, his father took him to the capital, Nekhun, and there he saw food stands offering all sorts of exotic treats. There were fruits from the far reaches of Gelade. Merchants peddled fish from both saltwater and freshwater. What caught his eye the most were the butchers. Fresh meat cut from the bones of Baronde beasts dangled from hooks and demanded his attention. His father told him that such delicacies were out of the question for this visit, and the juicy cuts of meat hooked themselves to his memories for years to come.

In time, Deltar decided it were best if he got out to see the world. After the tease of foreign food, eating at home was never the same. He was no adventurer, though, nor was he rich, and he had never heard of anyone traveling far without being one or the other. He eventually set his sights on becoming a conductor for the Deeprun Tram. The position would bring honor to him and his house, as House Cannith hires a small, elite few to run the operation. His passion for both food and travel were apparent enough and he was hired in a concierge capacity. While he lacked relevant skills for nearly every aspect of locomotion, he made up for it with diplomatic character and infectious enthusiasm.

Deltar excelled at his work and loved every minute of it, quickly rising through the ranks until he found himself handling guests in the first class cars. His rank afforded him all the red meats he could eat, at the cost of rarely ever being home to share it. Nonetheless, Deltar greeted every day with a smile and worked diligently until his life was tragically cut short by a tiefling assailant on Canceth 16, 154 CY.


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