Bross Theador Killian

"Humph. People can't understand anything except what they see with their own eyes."


Bross is tall and muscular with golden skin and heavy brows. He has wispy, shoulder length snowy white hair and charcoal grey eyes. The majority of his skull is bald. Bross favors rudely tailored garb in shadows of white, peach, ruby, and tan. He has a very large faded tattoo on his chest and stomach. He also has clearly broken his nose at least once.


Like every other citizen of Ereglast, Bross Theador Killian was raised as a monk from the moment he was able to stand on his own two feet. Unlike every other citizen, however, he enjoyed the strict lifestyle and excelled in his training. His ability did not go unnoticed; when Bross was 10 his instructors pulled him from the daily routine and sent him to the Collectors. His small size, coupled with his skill, made him ideal for navigating dangerous vaults and tombs. For the next 12 years of his life, Bross recovered precious artifacts for the Collectors and brought them back for preservation.

As a full grown man, his usefulness to the Collectors started to wane. His superiors looked towards other gifted boys for their missions, and Bross turned his attention back to training. With nothing holding him back, he set down the Path of Thirty-Seven Obstacles, a lengthy crucible which hardened Ereglasti’s monks for combat. It would be another 7 years before he considered his training complete, and at age 29 he enlisted as a Redeemer – specialized monks whose goal is to hunt down those who desecrate shrines, and reconsecrate them afterwards.

It was there that he met Myla, who would later become his companion and then his wife before he turned 35. The two of them traveled Kavan for almost another 10 years protecting its holy sites, and during those years Bross could not want for anything-or anyone-else. Their happiness came to an end in Norithon. Tysom Meskim had run out of patience with the Nori, convinced they were defiling the shrines within their borders, and ordered an assault. Bross and Myla Killian were aged, but their bodies were still in top condition and they answered the call to arms. Battles raged up and down the Nori shores for days on end before the retreat was sounded. Two things happened to Bross before then: his wife was captured, and his soul was tainted. The operation was a complete failure.

The taint was mysterious and baffled the medics of Ereglast. No one could say with certainty what it was, but it was clear that Bross Theador Killian’s purity had been compromised. As a result, he was forced into early retirement and urged to keep his distance from the other monks until he was cleansed. To Bross, he was left with only one option: rescue Myla from Norithon.

With the battle fresh in his mind, he knew it would be a hard mission, possibly impossible. In the back of his head, he also knew that the Nori were unnaturally strong. He trained with his fists since before he could talk, walked the Path of Thirty-Seven Obstacles, and could size up an opponent in an instant… but the Nori took them completely off guard. The Nori were a culture rife with secrets, and Ioun demands that secrets be unmasked. He would have to reveal them all before he could save her.

And for nearly two decades since, Bross Theador Killian has hunted and tortured those of Nori blood for their secrets.

Bross Theador Killian

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