Aya Stefanië

"Enchanted, I'm sure!"


The first thing anyone notices when meeting Aya Stefanië is her exceptional beauty. The second thing people notice is her seemingly natural ability to lead. If one were able to see beyond even that, they might catch on to fact that Aya might not be the sharpest tool in the shed though she’s a pretty one. Lack of wit aside, Aya speaks a number of languages fluently enough to convince others that it were her native tongue, which she often does. She’ll even resort to flowery, poetic speech or long words just to showcase her linguistic abilities. “Curious” does not begin to describe how she reacts to strangers; Aya stops just short of taking notes when meeting someone new, and constantly files away any crumbs of information she can pick up. Like her mother, beauty is paramount to Aya. Unlike her mother, Aya is concerned about her own beauty, rather than spreading it through her music. Unfortunately, Aya has the ire of a powerful fey, limiting her options for travel significantly.

Aya inherited the angular, flawless face of her mother, though with much fuller lips. Her hair is just as wispy as well, but a medium ash brown in contrast to Gwenn’s silver, a color that is instead found in her large, alluring pupils. She’s often clad in stylish studded leather that hugs and flaunts her voluptuous build and the tattoos which cover it. Numerous pieces of jewelry—from gems to bangles to beads—seem to hang from wherever she can find the space. Aya is never seen without her bronze psuedodragon, Lyth, who some believe to be her familiar.


Aya, the first child of the illustrious Gwenn Stefanië, was raised among a level of opulence that few people could even fathom. She was constantly showered in presents, mostly from those wanting favor with her mother, and quickly learned how to use her charms to her favor. For instance, before she was 10 years old, she managed to charm her way into a gala uninvited, witnessing a perfomance by her mother as the guest of another noble entirely. Upon her discovery, Gwenn decided it was past time to intensify her lessons and surrounded the girl with a swarm of instructors in hopes of keeping her too busy to find mischief.

Aya, however, had no interest in her own education. Her mind focused around two ideas: becoming irresistible to others and discovering the identity of her father. Gwenn was not forthright with the knowledge of either, but by the time Aya was 16 she had managed to coerce enough pieces of the puzzle from the House’s attendants to assume the lecherous King Alpollo Nebulak of Pyrach sired her. For a time, she poured her concentration into learning the history of Pyrach, the Draconic language, and House Nebulak, determined to find out all she could of her lineage. Gwenn, afraid that her daughter was ignoring her Elvish heritage entirely, suggested that Aya spend some time abroad in the Feywild. It was there that Aya’s ancestry and ambition came to a head.

The eldritch taint of her Nebulak blood all but summoned the Queen of Air and Darkness. The archfey recognized her pragmatic approach to persuasion, comparing it to her own cold manipulation of beauty and watched Aya for a number of years before making her presence known. By offering knowledge in illusions and enchantments, Auril easily convinced Aya to come under her wing. The young Stefanië was a surprisingly quick study and possibly even warmed the heart of the Frostmaiden, if by only a bit, but just enough to convince her into a pact. Auril’s icy disposition filled Aya alongside her magic and the girl became more vain and devious by the day. Aya’s beauty and prowess grew under Auril’s careful supervision and she acted as the Queen’s second, earning her the title Crystal Maiden despite showing little ability with cold-related magic.

Her loyalties to Auril carried her as far as Pandemonium, but a disagreement concerning the ethos of Tharizdun, to whom Auril owed some fealty, brought their association to a bitter end. The Queen of Air and Darkness allowed her to leave in peace, but denied Aya any additional powers as a warlock. In 170 CY, Aya returned to her home in the Material Plane a much stronger woman, but quickly became bored with the simplicity of noble courts. Before long, Aya used her familial ties to join the College of Lore, using her status as a bard to travel the world at her leisure. No one, even her mother, seems to know what she hopes to accomplish.

Aya Stefanië

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