Under a Glass Moon

Torn by my hand and my honor

Earthday, 13th Aqueth 179 CY

When we came about after fighting a hobgoblin, the mysterious one word man disappeared, but the healer that the littleb princess brought decided to back out from his word and despite our insistence, he fled from the field, leaving us to fend for ourselves, but we were still bound by duty and it is a soldier’s duty to complete his mission.

Damn that wretched sorcerer. Forcing me to lay hands on my brother like that. I lost my mind and I couldn’t wait to lay my hand on that damn sorcerer. But alas it wasn’t meant to be as I fell to his foul beast.

Thankfully I came to senses and I am glad that Artemis was fine. I must say that hadn’t it been for these people, I would’ve suffered the same fate as those soulless skeletons. Given my rage, I desired to have that wretched sorcerer’s head off his body, but perhaps throwing him into the pit of those kobolds and have them mutilate his body was for the best.

But what I found was of the most revealing, thanks to the findings of the dragon born H’aunta, it was revealed that the general’s sister were collaborating with the hobgoblins. Of course this was to be reported to the general and he will proceed to issue a warrant for his sister. We offered to personally bring him his sister, but he declined it offer.

Then one of the servants iof H’aunta told me that the severed hand wants to reattach itself. When I heard that, I was quite disturbed by that revelation. Mother once told me about incidents as such before and where as I am highly hesitant in reattaching the hand naturally, I do need that hand as well. If only mother was here…..



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