Under a Glass Moon

Thoughts, revelations, and doubts.

Godsday, 18th Aqueth 179 CY

These new powers of mine have proven to be quite potent. I don’t fully understand them, but somehow, they already feel like a part of me. I discovered a more effective use for them when we confronted the assassins we sought in the barn. For some reason, the human Katunix ran ahead of us and set fire to the stairs leading to the barn’s loft! As we tussled with the first of the assassins on the ground floor, it was brought to my attention by the doings of Katunix and Artemus on the upper level that Timbre also managed to make her way here, as a captive of the evil rogues. The words of a spell came unbidden to my lips, and as I spoke them, the water flowed forth from my waterskin and wreathed around me in a frosty nimbus. Somehow, I just knew that I could proceed to the upper level unharmed, and I set forth to assist my companions in attacking the mastermind of this disaster. I couldn’t condone the actions of someone taking the life of a child for any reason, and my rage overtook me. Once we stopped the rogue leader, my anger overtook me. Even as the building was giving in to the flames, I dragged his body back into the barn and tossed it to the fire. My honor wouldn’t allow me to do any less, but I worry that my anger is influenced by the source of this power…

Anyway, we found a contract on the leader’s body explaining the details of his job to kill the man we questioned (roughly) before. I was sickened by the countenance of a man whose fear overtook his love for his child while reading this, and allowed my heart some peace with the glory I attained by avenging the loss of the boy’s life. I hope to never be so callous a noble as that! Our privilege means that we should use our abilities to fortify ourselves and protect our clan, not simply foist the blame onto a lesser servant to save ourselves! I wonder what my father would have to say on the matter, though I doubt telling him would earn me any points. He would be furious that I have strayed so far afield!

On that note, though, I learned something during our excursions that gave me pause. Upon returning to Lady Gwenn with the evidence we gained in our quest, she assured us that she would see the evidence used to good effect in saving our client and investigating his employer. As a boon for our deeds, she offered us some information, namely (for me) the implication that not only does she know well my father (which I knew) and my grandfather (a touchy topic, and one neither of my parents or grandmother would offer to shed much light on) well, but that grandfather Alpollo kept the company of many women (!?) and that her own daughter might be one of the children from such an arrangement!! My mind reels with the implications. Lady Gwenn… my aunt, of sorts? Her daughter, the Lady Aya, too? I was told that she is quite capable and adventures often, unlike her brother Anstiss, who has gone missing. I must meet her, and ask her many things! Always have I wanted a stronger relationship with my clan, and here is the opportunity! A chance to prove the bond and strengthen ties of family outside of those walls! A chance to prove both myself and my father right and come closer to my goal of keeping our people, and these lands, safe.

I must keep my thoughts focused. We agreed to seek this goal together, but Timbre disappeared and I found that my blood was running hot: I could not wait and needed another exercise to occupy myself. As a group, we agreed to accept the quest from the shifty halfling, Iser. We would leave the city to find his heirloom sword, and used details shared by him to gain the trail of his attackers. After some time following these tracks into the woods, we set camp, knowing we wouldn’t get much further in the dark. But as we began to relax, a group of humans approached us seeking shelter. They approached from the direction we were headed, and their tracks didn’t match the ones we’d seen, so our suspicions were raised. I demanded that they stay back, but they continued to approach anyway. I fired a blast of my eldritch magic at the ground in front of them to halt their approach with fear, yet they still advanced. Artemus used his senses to divine that these 4 were evil, and not what they seemed, when they attacked! Jackalweres! I’d heard of these foul beasts before in my studies, but never had I encountered such a thing. They put the Brothers Two to sleep, and set about attacking us with impunity. Kaila and I stung their heels while Elyad set to putting down the rabid creatures, and we roused the brothers after much effort and many wounds incurred in the battle. Too weary and in need of rest, we set camp for the night and I took the last
watch. Unfortunately, I was distracted by thoughts of the earlier revelations imparted by Lady Gwenn and let a group of goblins surprise us! What a foolish mistake I made! If ever Bram hears this, he will never let me live it down! Nor would my shieldmates! Argh, what a disaster. I suffered a great deal at their hands while trying to rouse the others, but eventually, rouse them I did, and we beat them back! Ha! Not before one of them spitefully damaged my tent. The very same tent I shared with my father in some of our camping trips in the lands surrounding our city. Happier times, when the demands of the crown had still not fully taken his smiles away. I found a pouch full of gems and the heirloom sword on his corpse, and after another proper (and undisturbed) rest, we returned to the village and returned the sword to its owner (though I may wish I’d returned it blade-first, the way he hawkishly lusts after my friend Munda).

The first chance I get, I intend to visit the local library to conduct some research about my family, my order, the Stefaniƫ family, and these mysterious new powers of mine. I believe I know the name of the entity who bestowed them upon me, and I fear that his influence may be the reason that my already potent ire has taken such a dark turn. I need to learn more, to prevent the glory of battle and the taking of trophies from becoming a display of sacrificial slaughter. More importantly, I need to learn how I can continue to make this pact work without losing myself.



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