Under a Glass Moon

The thoughts I've thought...

Godsday, 18th Aqueth 179 CY

I still don’t understand what could compel someone to kill children.

Even if the original assassin had shied away, someone else still ended up doing the job. A job. It’s a job to kill babies for some, and others as well.

I only hope the half-elf servant is given his due representation in trial soon. That would give some closure to something so disquieting. I’m thankful for the help the Lady Stefanië has given us, and I am willing to assist her in finding her son. I hope he is alright, her worries thoroughly remind me of my own mother.

We went to Pepper and took the next job to find the sword lost by Iser in the forest. I personally felt it would take my mind off of troubles, but it irked me letting those jackalweres get a leg up. I’m more astute than that but spells of sleep are always a nastier a sort than I give them credit for. Just like mother used to make them. The drowsiness persisted, and I found myself almost slumbering through the combat with goblins afterward that put the sword in our laps.

(But I do feel sorry for Ha’unta and his tent. I would be equally angered if a family hand-down were damaged the same way.)

I see so many of the people here at the Temple of Erathis on Godsday. I ponder that past events have forced me to quietly question the effect of the gods on our lives, and no stronger do I consider these thoughts than now. I believe in pursuing truth as the All-Knowing One Ioun has tasked of her followers, but I am further curious and connected to Pelor the more I investigate him and my father’s fate.

However, I can’t help but feel the most important thing is the interaction and consideration I have with other people…



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