Under a Glass Moon

Musings before the mission...

Starday, 15th Aqueth 179 CY

We returned to the town of Katun, where Timbre impudently disappeared without warning. I don’t understand that girl. Anyway, I followed Katunix to the local Tailor’s shop, where many ostentatious items of clothing were found. Tyrdda Tailors, avant-garde fashion designers known even in my home, provided him with a sequined glove that would seem more at home in the lair of a wyrm than the hand of a human. I was confused because I thought the idea was to draw attention away from his decaying hand, but perhaps humans think that very ostentatious displays of fashion are a good means of hiding in plain sight. I must stay vigilant. Not one to pass up an interesting opportunity myself though, I saw myself festooned in a crimson-colored cloak.

The others occupied themselves with visits to the library and tannery, but I wanted to get a better lay of the land since I wanted to get to working. Katunix and I sought the adventurer’s guild, as the mark of a good soldier is the ability to stay useful. At the guild, we received notice of an elf who was in need of some help. I decided that it might be best to seek the approval of the others before accepting, though. Apparently, at the same time, Artemus managed to foster good relations with the Lady StefaniĆ« while we were otherwise occupied. I wish I’d gotten to visit the library, though. I’m still curious about that dragon statue I saw back in the home of Jalissa Sarris, and the Overcouncil…

Later that evening, as we gathered in the local inn, most of our number sought to engage in… more savory pursuits. Bram and I locked in on a fine dwarf woman, but he was able to click with her better than I was, and I decided to talk to a stout young halfling named Munda who caught my eye. I decided to reveal my status as a Prince to her, but she was overcome with awe. (This is not what I was hoping for.) I insisted that we maintain a normal friendship
but I have no idea if she will be able to comply. It seems that Artemus had a good time, though: he disappeared and wasn’t seen again until the next morning.

I wonder if I will be able to turn these recent events in my life to my advantage…
(more to come later)



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