Under a Glass Moon

I hear voices in my head....

Freeday, 14th Aqueth 179 CY

Through much thinking and with the little time I have left, I reluctantly decided to let the forsaken hand reattach itself despite knowing what evil influence it may have. It was a slight painful feeling as the nerves reattached itself and I can easily feel the chills coming from the hand. But I can tell that upon reattaching the hand, I sense an evil presence that has granted me with powers and even more should I obey that voice.

Brother is not happy, nor will mother be happy to hear this. I have committed a sin that I will never forgive myself, but I have done what I think was for the best. For me to not be able to regain my skill of Dak and Thurann is weighing upon me and my duty to avenge father is heavy is driving me with guilt. I could not forgive myself that I have succumbed to this nor will I ever forgive myself, but I have done it and I will live with this guilt.

Rather than to live in guilt and shame, I will use this motivation to find a cure to rid this forsaken hand of its evil presence that I can feel. Though I cannot fully feel to what extent it powers are, but it did promise me that if I obey the voice, I will gain more power.

Mother, where are you? I may have no face to see you, but I do not know how much longer can I hold off its evil influence……



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