Under a Glass Moon

Ever since the re-attachment....

Starday, 15th Aqueth 179 CY

The arm is indeed a life of its own. I feel that there are voices that tells me what to do. From what I am understanding that I must somehow keep it satisfied in order for it to not harm me. Why may force me to complete tasks against my wishes, but the power is indeed something that may come of use. It may not be much, but I have to keep it somewhat satisfied in order for it to keep it from putting me and others in harms way.

But for now, we are trying to investigate the murder of a poor child. So far the elf in question is definitely innocent and as much of a despicable man the father is, he is definitely no guilty. Though I wish I could’ve made this man know his place. Maybe it is the voices of the hand telling me to commit something that I may regret.

Another task at hand that I gave my word is to retrieve a family heirloom sword. Though I do not know when it will be I can retrieve the sword, I do intend of getting it back.

I feel the arm compelling me to use its powers, which allowed me to pinpoint the culprit’s location despite him being invisible…. what is this? I’m….. I’m…. being controlled……

….. I must destroy this barn to the ground…….



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