Under a Glass Moon

End of the Beginnning

Freeday, 14th Aqueth 179 CY

Mother, you are probably scrying these words, and I am not bothered by that. I quite need your presence actually after what had just happened, and I am not sure if your magic has seen what I have.

I feel rather beleaguered by my thoughts and will thrust at this opportunity to vent. It is as said in academy long ago where one of my instructors told me to feel the worst things I could five minutes every day to simply purge them from ourselves. It is how we render pristine as soldiers and as people.

Katunix hit me harder than I had ever been hit by him in my entire life, and I don’t think I’ve ever felt so powerless as I did in that single moment. Pinned down and forced to retreat while he fought the necromancer’s influence, I felt like a coward, but I found my bearings and resuscitated the others, provided support in the way I best could given our precarious scenario. There was no need of my weakness there, and if we are to eventually fulfill any inkling of prophecy, we have to take losses in stride and thrust onwards.

Thusly, I’m almost overjoyed we stopped the necromancer and buried him away from the towers. I wanted to ravage what was left of the necromancer’s corpse and ferry his head as proof to the encampment but that, I knew and ultimately decided, would be a slippery slope. Justice should govern the punishment of evil, but not vengeance. Vindication, not vindictiveness. Be happy mother. If any harm comes to your sons, know at least that I am doing the best to abstain damage to my moral compass.

This I realize? Must be quite ironic given my brother’s choice on our return to the camp. Is that why he attached the hand to himself when I advised him against it? Was the guilt eating at him? I simply chided him, asked Katunix, why would you do that? Why wouldn’t you wait?

I walked out of that tent and am writing this so that I can take yet another loss in stride and burn away my perturbations. We have ended our first adventure, and though I do not know where we will be going, or if we will exeunt from each others’ presences for the time being, I would at least want to know my fellows better. And support Katunix, if it be to remind him repercussions for his actions or to follow through with him in his life decisions.

(Actually, mother if you are seeing this, there is a mystery I beg an answer to.

Do you know where Elyad went?! From what I take of him, I’m surprised that he would leave us to mop up the necromancer in such fashion… not even a plithy utterance or timely quip…!)



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