Under a Glass Moon

A Quick Many Things.

Starday, 15th Aqueth 179 CY

Things move quick in the span of a day and change. Elyad is back with us now with the ability to shapeshift. I question also how Timbre found audience with the Stefaniës so quickly, but she’s charming when she’s not difficult, I give her that much credit.

And the Stefaniës are quite alright. I was glad to be of assistance to the lady of the house, sum of payment or no. Always I find pleasure in furthering connections for the Mystic Lady. I’m not sure what to make of their experimental forays into music however. Clearly I lack the acquisition of taste needed to appreciate this progressive sound.

Much joy into the night. At the inn we met a woman from our rival apothecarist, a pretty one, and after needing to settle her down after my brother failed miserably at courting her, we talked shop and more and shared a room. Cecie, was her name, and I admit she gave me an intellectual run for my money. Very illuminating, she and her company’s instruction. If not for my willingness to listen and keep us both engaged, it might have been apparent I’m a little less smart than I let on. Only a little.

While I wanted this to be a log of pleasant thoughts, that’s not going to be the case. Killing helpless children is abominable, and the fact a local potato farmer… no let me rephrase that, sweet potato farmer was willing to cover up the details of his son’s murder out of fear and convenience, even if he were not directly responsible, is well into the territory of morally bankrupt. T’is nothing sweet about this attempt to prove his young charge guilty of the crime.

After getting some intel from a rough fellow at the tavern (who I really wanted to ask where he got his plate armor from…), we headed for a barn surrounded by tall grass. I sensed the Halfling murderer and what seemed like associates inside, and we threw ourselves in.

Is it me, by the by, or is this barn burning? Gods, no… Katunix, this better not be you…?!



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